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Spaced Out - CS148 Ray tracing Project June 6th

A write-up for my CS 148 ray tracing image.

Automatically Promoting Constructor Parameters to Fields March 30th

When writing object-oriented code, you frequently want a constructor that takes in values and assigns them to object fields. Some languages reduce the repetition required for this.

Runaway Robot - A Mobile Runner Game March 29th

I made a mobile runner game for the CS194 class at Stanford.

Pulling a Page's Modified Date from Git March 28th

When creating a static site, you can pull a page's modified date directly from git.


A Script for Resumable Lecture Videos May 20th

I wrote a simple script that lets me save and restore my position in lecture videos across devices.


Blue Screen - Ludum Dare 30 Entry August 29th

Last weekend, I participated in Ludum Dare, a game jam where you make a game from scratch in under 48 hours.

ASCII Bell Character August 17th

The other day, I accidentally printed a ton of binary data to my terminal. Upon doing so, my computer started to beep incessantly.

Simple Reloading Server in Bash August 5th

A snippet for a reloading server in bash.

The Damned July 20th

A couple weeks ago, I took part in a game jam on called the AGDG Microgame Jam.


A Perk of Using WebGL November 28th

Designing a Cardboard Canoe July 22nd

Every year, my high school holds a canoe race, where students from the Engineering, Physics, and Calculus classes compete to design, build and race a Canoe over the span of two weeks.