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Proctor Postmortem July 1st

This is a postmortem for Proctor, the first of three horror games that I recently released.

Loop, Autoplay, Muted - Say Goodbye to Animated GIFs April 17th

Use HTML5 video tags instead of animated GIFs.

The Boehm GC Feels Like Cheating March 15th

Integrating garbage collection into a C application was almost too easy.

No More Primitives - What Python and Java Get Wrong March 14th

Many languages distinguish between primitives on the stack and objects on the heap. Others only have objects, and thus require primitives to aways be boxed. It turns out you can get the best of both worlds.

I Allowed All Web Push Notifications for a Week March 11th

As an experiment, I decided to allow all push notifications for a week.


Editing Gameplay Videos without Re-encoding using FFmpeg December 26th

Editing gameplay videos in Premiere requires that you re-encode, thus losing quality. Instead, you can use FFmpeg to edit losslessly.

How I Structure GameObjects - Components and Mixin-based Inheritance November 2nd

My recent game projects have used a GameObject architecture that unifies Component-based GameObjects and Mixin-based inheritance.

Lua Gotchas October 20th

Lua is an awesome language, but it has some annoying features that have caused endless frustration for me.

Composable, Programmatic Animations for Games September 4th

This post describes a method for creating animations in games programmatically, while still retaining composability.

Unifying Dynamic Type Tests and Type Refinement September 3rd

Some typecheckers understand dynamic type tests, thus avoiding downcasting.

Stackless vs. Stackful Coroutines August 18th

Coroutines can either be stackless or stackful. The terminology is somewhat confusing.

Spaced Out - CS148 Ray tracing Project June 6th

A write-up for my CS 148 ray tracing image.

Automatically Promoting Constructor Parameters to Fields March 30th

When writing object-oriented code, you frequently want a constructor that takes in values and assigns them to object fields. Some languages reduce the repetition required for this.

Runaway Robot - A Mobile Runner Game March 29th

I made a mobile runner game for the CS194 class at Stanford.

Pulling a Page's Modified Date from Git March 28th

When creating a static site, you can pull a page's modified date directly from git.


A Script for Resumable Lecture Videos May 21st

I wrote a simple script that lets me save and restore my position in lecture videos across devices.


Blue Screen - Ludum Dare 30 Entry August 29th

Last weekend, I participated in Ludum Dare, a game jam where you make a game from scratch in under 48 hours.

ASCII Bell Character August 17th

The other day, I accidentally printed a ton of binary data to my terminal. Upon doing so, my computer started to beep incessantly.

Simple Reloading Server in Bash August 5th

A snippet for a reloading server in bash.

The Damned July 20th

A couple weeks ago, I took part in a game jam on called the AGDG Microgame Jam.


A Perk of Using WebGL November 28th

Designing a Cardboard Canoe July 22nd

Every year, my high school holds a canoe race, where students from the Engineering, Physics, and Calculus classes compete to design, build and race a Canoe over the span of two weeks.