The Damned

Sunday, July 20th 2014

A couple weeks ago, I took part in a game jam on called the AGDG Microgame Jam. The premise behind the jam was to create a WarioWare style game that takes place on a single screen. I chose to try a local multiplayer game, in the vein of the frantic, competitive multiplayer from the GameCube adaption of WarioWare.

A Perk of Using WebGL

Thursday, November 28th 2013

I’ve recently been testing with WebGL for a project, and one of the pretty cool perks is that you can just use regular HTML/CSS/JS to create your GUIs. In this quick test, I made a simple chat window for the UI.

Recent Hackathon Projects

Thursday, November 28th 2013

StumbleTube [Code] [Web]

StumbleTube was a simple hack that I made with three other students at the 2013 NorCal Facebook Hackathon. The goal was to present YouTube recommendations (pulled from your Google account) in a fashion that’s easy to quickly traverse, and let you find videos that actually interest you. You get videos in sets of four - hovering over a video plays only the audio from that video, and clicking on one makes that video full-screen. At any point, you can pick a different video, or request a new set of four. You can also like videos to further improve recommendations.

Designing a Cardboard Canoe

Monday, July 22nd 2013

Every year, my high school holds a canoe race, where students from the Engineering, Physics, and Calculus classes compete to design, build and race a canoe over the span of two weeks.